About Muddy Creek Originals

SMuddy Creek Originals is a full-service quilt shop and art gallery located in an  1840’s farmhouse.  We specialize in contemporary cotton fabrics such as batiks,Daiwabo taupes, Quilt-Gate Japanese fabrics, Serendipity taupes,Lecien Japanese fabrics, Moda, Kaffe Fassett, Tonga, Stongehedge and many others. WE OFFER PATTERNS BY TWO COUSINS.

A SHINY-clean store reminiscent of the pre-mall retail environment – this store is the best and has outplaced my decades-favorite S.W...


Room addition services in San Diego

Home remodelling in San Diego is a time consuming and expensive process, it can be tedious for most of the residents. However, it can add more space, comfort, new functionalities, better looks, and more value to your house. It is a great idea to do an inexpensive makeover to your home to increase the value if you are planning to sell your house...


Natural Timber Preservation Improved

As a long overdue follow up to a previous article I presented pertaining to the treatment of lumber using an allegedly all natural Cedar Oil based product, I am now in a position and sufficiently confident to report my findings from the research I have done to date on what can only be referred to by me as a much improved version of that previous product...


Vacation in Liverpool – A City Guide


Liverpool is a city and metropolitan borough in the North West of England. Liverpool is one of England’s core cities, situated along the eastern side of the Mersey Estuary, with the city centre located about 5 miles inland from the Irish Sea. Liverpool has a varied topography being built across a ridge of hills rising up to a height of around 70 metres above sea-level at Everton Hill.


In 1190 the place was known as ‘Liuerpul’, meaning a pool or creek wit...


A Detailed Guide to Crankbait Fishing For Bass

When it comes to fishing crankbaits, there are always a million questions, with just about as many answers. Some of the common questions of what kind, what colors, when and where to use them, are going to be answered in this guide. There will always be new products and new ideas that may or may not work, but hopefully the following guide will give you the answers to most of the questions that are constantly being asked by the beginner to the advanced angler.



How Conestogo Ontario Got Its Name

Anybody who knows anything about the Waterloo Region in Ontario knows that the first white settlers in the area were Mennonites. A steady stream of Mennonite families migrated early in the 1800s to the Waterloo area from Lancaster County Pennsylvania. That happened in 1763, well before area Mennonites started moving to Canada.

These people started communities in the rich agricultural land along the Grand River – communities which would eventually become Preston, Galt, Waterl...


Popular Places For Inland Skimboarding

It`s well known that skimboarding originated out of California. This is also considered the center place for the sport being that this is where it all got started. Cali is also home to some of the best skimboarding spots in the world. This sport is becoming more and more popular throughout North America as well as throughout the world.

Skimboarding however is becoming popular in Europe (mainly Portugal and France), Australia, Asia and South America...